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Purchase and Rental Options

TradeTec works with companies all over the USA and internationally, at all budget and activity levels. From large exhibits to small pop-ups, one show a year or hundreds, TradeTec will design a program at a price that will fit your exact needs. We will change your perspective on how efficiently you can exhibit and plan your events.



Your trade show exhibit is an investment. If your graphics and hardware will be used for three or more shows per year, it is more cost effective to purchase your exhibit. The cost savings over several shows can offset the labor & freight charges incurred from moving your booth to and from our warehouse. If you plan on using your display for three or more shows, it usually makes sense to purchase your exhibit.



Renting exhibit hardware from TradeTec gives you unlimited access to the worldwide network of Skyline service centers, creating flexibility while reducing the cost to ship booth hardware from a single location. Clients who attend events infrequently or dramatically change their exhibits from show-to-show generally rent their hardware to maximize marketing dollars.



At TradeTec, we are experts at organizing multiple assets while maintaining robust show schedules. We manage your booth hardware and design coordinating pieces that adapt seamlessly into an integrated program of multi-use displays. Even if you attend hundreds of shows a year, we will make sure the right equipment is at the right place at the right time…every time.

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