Essendant at Essendant CORE Live 2017
20 x 20 / 50 x 50
ENVOY® Exhibit System / SKYRISE® Exhibit System / SKYFLYER® Hanging Structure

This exhibit debuted for the clients annual show so it was essential to make a big impression. When attendees walked into the show hall they were immediately drawn to the overhead tapestry banners featuring the Essendant branding. Inside the exhibit featured six monitors that were utilized for both looping videos and demonstrations of their marketing technology solutions.

Essendant wanted to design an exhibit that could be reconfigured into several different designs and exhibit sizes. Additionally, they have four private label brands so this exhibit design can be reconfigured and re-skinned to suit the needs of all their different business units.

"My favorite thing about working with TradeTec Skyline is how well thought-out our booth design was. They made decisions easy by making recommendations that not only made sense to the design, but to our bottom line. I can’t say enough about their customer service, it’s what made me decide to work them and it’s impossible to recommend anyone else!"

Hiede Vermilyer
Integrated Marketing Planner