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February 11, 2020

A 30 Second View into Rental Exhibits

Victoria Conti, CTSM Gold, Account Executive

Did you know that rental exhibits offer the same high-quality design elements as owning a custom exhibit?

It’s true.

In fact, renting exhibit hardware gives you the flexibility to create your exhibit while reducing costs of ownership. Event marketers who attend a handful of shows a year or dramatically change their exhibits from show-to-show generally rent their hardware to maximize marketing dollars. Let’s take a look at three rental options you should consider for your next trade show.

Custom Exhibits
There is no denying that custom exhibits make a strong and lasting impression on the show floor. They tend to vary in size, complexity, and include innovative designs that stand out from the pack. However, the fact that they are considered “custom designed” does not mean they were purchased. You can rent a custom 20x20 or 50x50 double deck exhibit with tailored messaging for your target audience. The only limitation is your imagination and budget.

Modular Exhibits
The great thing about modular exhibits is the versatility in size, design, and configuration. You can opt for a 20x40 island complete with a conference room and storage area as easily as you can with a simple 10x10 solution. Modular exhibits consist of interchangeable parts that give you the flexibility to create a variety of solutions while maximizing your budget. If you’re attending multiple shows a year and need to reconfigure your booth, renting a modular exhibit will be a smaller investment than buying a new display. However, the general rule of thumb is if you are attending three or more shows a year with the same design then purchasing your booth makes sense.

Portable Exhibits
If you’re a first-time exhibitor or on a strict budget, portable displays are an ideal solution. These entry-level systems have become more sophisticated with technology and storage solutions than ever before. Portable displays give you the ability to expand your budget by focusing on the design and message and less on the hardware and logistics of ownership. Plus, while an island exhibit requires a professional installation team, portable displays are compact and lightweight making them easy to set up on your own.

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Victoria Conti, CTSM Gold, Account Executive
vrc@ttskyline.com | 630.376.1522
For 25 years, Victoria has excelled as an Account Executive with Skyline by forging and cultivating lasting relationships. Victoria is proud of her client retention and new account development rate. Her clients can always count on her to deliver and quickly troubleshoot issues with the utmost professionalism. Her ability to keep the big picture in mind while using her highly effective project management, decision-making, and communications skills results in consistently exceeding expectations.

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