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March 15, 2017

Protecting Your ROI: To Labor or Not to Labor

Victoria Conti, CTSM Gold, Account Executive

Imagine it’s opening day and you’re standing in your exhibit booth. Everything is set up and ready to go. You’re thankful you hired your exhibit house to install your booth, so you could shift your focus to booking meetings with clients and prospects. You feel confident that the next few days are going to be successful. It’s show time!

Trade show exhibiting is like planning a Broadway production. Lights, camera, action! You are the producer and delegate the work out to create a successful show. You cannot do everything and be efficient, right? In my experience, many clients try to save money by doing work that will ultimately cost them more and affect their ROI.

I talk to many exhibitors who want to set up their own exhibit booth in effort to save money. There are some DIY exhibits that can be set up without labor, traditional pop-ups are a good example of such a project, and there are those more complex exhibits that must have labor to install and dismantle. But what about the “in-betweens” as I call them? It’s a relatively simple booth, but not pop-up simple. Exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive, but often you aren’t saving money by installing your own booth. In fact, you’re usually spending more money because you are not accounting for the costs of your own time spent solving problems you weren’t prepared for. On top of that, you may be sending multiple employees to the show super early for setup and take down, thus paying for extra nights at a hotel and meals, as well as potential overtime. Just because you aren’t physically writing a check doesn’t mean you are saving money.

Not every show has problems with booth installation, but if it happens, you can become stressed and your focus will shift from proactive show strategy to reactive scrambling. When your mind is pre-occupied, you move fast and aren’t completely paying attention to how the booth should be put together, and that is when mistakes can happen and be costly. Not to mention you completely forget about preparing for the actual show.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t arrive to the show early—of course you should. However, instead of spending your valuable time assembling your booth, you should be reviewing your show goals and prepping booth staffers. Stop by the show floor to see how the assembly of your booth is going to make sure everything looks right and then move back to your priorities, such as shepherding your pre-, during, and post-show marketing campaign that you’ve spent months working on. In the end, your time and energy are better spent working on how you plan to implement your trade show objectives.

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Victoria Conti, CTSM Gold, Account Executive
vrc@ttskyline.com | 630-376-1522
For 22 years, Victoria has excelled as an Account Executive with Skyline by forging and cultivating lasting relationships. Victoria is proud of her client retention and new account development rate. Her clients can always count on her to deliver and quickly troubleshoot issues with the utmost professionalism. Her ability to keep the big picture in mind while using her highly effective project management, decision-making, and communications skills results in consistently exceeding expectations.

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