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April 26, 2017

5 Reasons Banner Stands Don’t Suck

Ryan Lovell, Account Executive

There are a lot of options for gaining exposure for your brand through trade show exhibits. Whether it’s an attractive pop-up display or a huge two-story structure with towers, lounge areas, and a sophisticated lighting system, the only constraints are your imagination and budget.

You can opt for simple or sublime. Either way, banner stands can and should play an important role in your trade show exhibits. Smartly-designed banners instantly convey your marketing message to attendees, while delivering a memorable brand experience.

Quick and Easy Set-up

Big displays and massive exhibits definitely deliver results, but they have their challenges. Large exhibits take time and expertise to set up, which means hiring a team of professionals for install and dismantle (I&D). That's not the case with banner stands. Your booth staff can easily set up banner stands in minutes and be ready to greet attendees when the convention doors open.

Lightweight to Transport

Huge exhibits need to be shipped to the venue or to a warehouse near the venue. Portable banner stands are light, and therefore cost less to ship. If you own the stands and the event is nearby, you can transport them yourself and avoid the freight charges altogether.

Creative Flexibility

One of the big advantages to making banner stands a part of your trade show exhibit is that you can set them up in a variety of ways. Line up several side-by-side to form an attention-grabbing back wall. Position them so they curve to form a concave configuration. Add shelves, lighting attachments, and case tables to bring visibility to your best-selling products. Banner stands can also be designed with bold, custom graphics that showcase your brand, logo, and marketing message. They offer more flexibility than you might imagine.

More Bang for Your Buck

Event marketing requires a significant investment including things like the cost of your exhibit, booth space fees, drayage, storage, and other various show-related charges. Liberal use of banner stands can lower your marketing spend, as they are more cost-effective compared to larger complex systems. That gives you an opportunity to exhibit at shows and test whether you would want to invest in a large booth later.

Versatile Event Use

A large custom island exhibit can generate impressive results, as long as you work from a smart and well-executed marketing plan. However, such a structure has a limited set of uses, namely trade shows.

Banner stands are far more versatile. Their size not only makes them easy to transport and to set up, but also perfect for an array of different functions. For example, you can use them to showcase your company's products in shopping malls and retail stores, attract promising candidates at job fairs, and set them up in conference rooms to communicate your marketing message during meetings with prospective customers.

Whether you’re exhibiting in a small 10x10 space or investing in a large, double deck exhibit, your goal is to make an impact and engage the attendees. Delivering an unforgettable exhibit booth doesn’t have to stretch your budget. Banner stands have the ability to make your brand stand out with a minimal investment.

Would you like to learn more about banner stands and other trade show display solutions that fit your budget? Visit our website and Contact Us to speak with an exhibit consultant to help get the most bang out of your marketing budget!

Ryan Lovell, Senior Exhibit Consultant
rml@ttskyline.com | 630-376-1524
Ryan spent more than five years as a TradeTec client, planning and executing more than 100 trade shows. Due to the excellent partnership with TradeTec, Ryan’s company was acquired for seven times the earnings. After the acquisition Ryan eventually decided to join the TradeTec team as a sales executive. He draws on his experience as a trade show manager to help his customers find the right solution.

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