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Design_BWN8553You have mere seconds to attract and captivate your audience on the show floor. TradeTec has spent years embracing the best people in the industry to make sure your exhibit not only functions, it dazzles. Our designers are specially trained in exhibit design so they are able to create 3D structures while incorporating all opportunities to maximize branding and experience.

Our team uses visual language to communicate your essence immediately utilizing graphics, architecture, color, texture, and light. They design within reason, within budget, and without reservations.

Our award-winning designers create amazing exhibits while effectively addressing aesthetic look & feel, functionality, and cost. We maximize your investment by choosing the most exciting hardware and most efficient traffic flow plans while creating engaging graphics to make your story memorable.

TradeTec's Exhibit Design Team

Chris Ybarra

  •   630.376.1542

Chris Ybarra, Creative Director, has over 14 years of graphic design and industry experience producing trade show environments. His passion for every detail goes into designing the perfect exhibit and event solution for our clients. Chris oversees an award winning design team who share his desire to collaborate and drive a successful experience. They are consistent in staying abreast of industry trends to ensure TradeTec clients have the most innovative solutions and modern expressions to meet their show objectives. Chris enjoys giving back to the industry by mentoring a number of design students as they finish up their degree programs and enter the professional design community.

Favorite Movie

Super Troopers


I was once bit by a fish on the knee at Maroma Beach in Mexico. I'm part of a very elite group, like people who have been struck by lightning. Not everyone can say they have had that happen, and no, I did not get out of the water abruptly and scrape me knee on the ladder.

Why Do You Love Working at TradeTec?

I love giving back to the design community, especially helping young designers prepare for the professional world. Having even the smallest impact on their success makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Alex Karan

  •   630.376.1556

Alex has concentrated his 25 years of design experience into creating immersive award-winning exhibit environments that create lasting impressions. Alex can generate quality structural concepts while providing premium graphic design content.

Most Famous Person You've Met

Princess Leia's Mom, Debbie Reynolds, at a dinner party.

Favorite Quote

"Whatever you are, be a good one." ~ Abraham Lincoln

If You Were a Character in a Movie, Who Would You Be and Why?

I would be Joey Gladstone from Full House because, even as an adult, you're never too old to be a complete goof.

Patrick Rudlang

  •   630.376.1050

Patrick holds a degree in Exhibit Design from Bemidji State University in Minnesota, where he graduated Magna cum laude. He strives to discover ways to bend the fundamentals of design and works to continue his education in the trade show industry.

If You Were a Character in a Movie, Who Would You Be and Why?

I would be Marty McFly from Back to the Future, because I can time travel.

Hobbies & Interests

Swing and ballroom dancing, acting, and playing violin.

Favorite Song

"Luck Be A Lady" by Frank Sinatra

Kat Navea

  •   630.376.1494

Kat came to TradeTec in 2015 as the first intern in the Design department where she discovered her love for trade shows and seeing her designs become tangible. Now in her role as Graphic Designer, Kat interacts with clients to gather as many details as possible to creatively design a solution to not only fit their needs but elevates their brand. She loves to be challenged and enjoys figuring out how different pieces can fit together. Kat's bubbly personality and positive attitude is infectious and brightens up everyone's day.


I would be Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones because she kicks butt, yet always stays humble and kind.


“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” ~ Jay Shetty


I love that I get to work with the same team from when I was an intern. The DBT team helped me grow into the designer I am today, so being able to work with them again is humbling and gratifying.

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